Recent Major Grants and Commitments (Not an inclusive list)



  • Edenville Fire Station
  • Relocation project of the Sanford Senior Center after flood damage
  • Shelter House New Building Project
  • Four Lakes Task Force for Sustainable Lake Levels of Sanford, Wixom, Smallwood and Secord Lakes
  • Independent Community Living


  • Independence Based Service Delivery in Midland County Study
  • THRIVE: Transforming Health Regionally in a Vibrant Economy 
  • Midland Downtown Entrance and StreetScape
  • Cancer Services  New Building Support


  • Ten Sixteen Recovery Network New Building Support 
  • Four Lakes Task Force for sustainable dams for Sanford, Wixom, Smallwood, and Secord Lakes
  • Nature Conservency North Point Project
  • Julian's Miracle Field Project


  • The ARC of the United States Covid-19 Response Fund
  • The Bridge Holiday Dinner Support